Later, I learned that Tina's story was true. This was when I figured out that I should act like I already knew whatever it was that Tina told me. It was better not to let her see how hurt and confused I was; she would only use it against me. (Tina told my friend Audrey, "The problem with Jamy is that she lives in her own little world." I laughed and laughed because I'd made exactly the same comment about Tina many times.)

After waiting a few days, I knew that David would not come to see me. At first I thought he might since he knew that I couldn't go see him in Danielle's room, given all the bad feelings. I lived in an adjoining dorm. He didn't even have to go outside to get to my room. All he had to do was take the elevator down seven floors, walk 100 yards through a corridor and take the elevator up another six floors.

I still hadn't heard from him a couple of weeks later when I had to get on a redeye flight to go to a family wedding in Massachusetts. The plan was to hang out with Audrey, eat dinner and maybe catch a movie before she took me to the airport. For whatever reason our egg-shaped friend, Ken, joined us.

There was a party that night. A party where David would be. Part of our plan for the evening was to "not go" to the party. We were in the car, driving aimlessly, and I said to Audrey, "You know, I think we should go to that party."
"I thought we weren't going. The whole point was to not go."
"We should go."
"It's a bad idea."
Ken said, "There's a party? I want to go!"
Audrey said, "I'm not so sure, Jamy. You know David will be there."
"I know and that's why we're going. We won't stay long."
Ken said, "I want to go to the party. We have to go."
"Are you sure?" Audrey asked me.
"I'm sure."
We headed to the party.
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